Watch: Hands on with Battlezone’s co-operative campaign

Back in the early 90s when I was blowing on cartridges and recording episodes of Captain N: The Game Master on VHS, the thought of being able to play video games with my friends in virtual reality was the sole preserve of science fiction. Twenty-five years later however, those childhood dreams look set to become a reality.

During a trip to Rebellion’s studios in Oxford I grabbed an extended hands-on with Battlezone’s 4-player cooperative multiplayer campaign on the PSVR. It’s drop-in, drop-out coop with a procedural campaign and it really opened my mind to the potential of multiplayer gaming with Sony’s VR kit.

Not only was this my first ever time playing a multiplayer VR game, but it was also the first time I’ve been able to capture straight from a PSVR itself – something which, thankfully, is very easy to do due to the plug and play nature of the device. That’s why, just below these words you’ll find a 22 minute long video of me having a lovely time in virtual reality with three of Battlezones developers.