Watch: Chris and Ian experience PSVR and have a lovely time

It’s no secret that I’m excited about the PSVR. I’ve been until my pre-order arrives like it’s a second Christmas, so when I popped into the Gamer Network offices on Monday I was very excited to learn that Eurogamer had been sent a review unit.

Not one to waste a good opportunity to make some video, I grabbed my sidekick Chris Bratt and together we set up our capture kit – which is thankfully very easy to do thanks to the PSVR’s social screen – and took the device for a test drive. Unfortunately we only had enough time to try out two PSVR games so we chose a couple that, we hope, show off the potential of the unit pretty well.

Our journey into virtual reality started off rather sedately with a go on Tumble VR. Anyone who was an early adopter of Sony’s PS Move controllers should be familiar with Tumble, it’s a brilliant little physics based puzzler that’s all about balancing blocks on top of one another and not letting them fall down. Kind of like a reverse Jenga. Anyway, this PSVR version requires a steady hand and a good sense of spatial awareness so I don’t really know why I agreed to let Chris play it.