Titanfall 2’s buddy story is a very human kind of tragedy

We’re going to be talking about the entire story of Titanfall 2 here, so be warned – there will be spoilers for the whole game, up to and including the ending.

It’s been a good year for companions in games – different kinds of companions. Watching colleagues play The Last Guardian a few weeks back, I was prepared for Trico to behave like a pet. He seemed stubborn, unwilling to follow directions the first time he heard them, but with enough give to suggest that eventually he’d get there. A bit wild, a bit tame, not unlike a housecat.

Now that I’ve spent a little time with the game, however, I can see that there’s much more to him. The opening credits sequence explained to me that I wasn’t just going to be dealing with an upscaled cat at all. I was going to be dealing with a mythical beast, and I wasn’t prepared for that. Within thirty seconds of picking up the controller I realised that presuming to control Trico was a mistake. He’s not a pet, almost an equal. I can understand what he’s doing, but not always why he’s doing it. At his core, he’s daringly unknowable. In a way, it almost feels like you’re his companion character.