The only problem with Blizzard Mountain is how good Forza Horizon 3 was in the first place

Forza Horizon 3 was good. Well, Forza Horizon 3 still is really, really good, and after some 30 hours I’m still having a great time fiddling around in its wilderness, and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Driving from the tip of its coastline deep into its sun-baked heart, taking in the many and varied sights as I made my way to Redstone Airport in order to be jetted out to the separate Blizzard Mountain map, I realised I wasn’t quite ready to leave when there was so much in the main game left to do. Churlish, I know, and it’s hardly Playground Games’ fault that they created an open world that was so generous first time round.

Blizzard Mountain grabs your attention from the off. Your all-new Ford Focus RS Gymkhana is strapped to a helicopter (and its Ken Block livery is a reminder, if you really needed one, that this is former members of the Dirt team proving what they can do when they head off-road), unbound into an electric downhill descent that happens at breakneck speed.

To say it’s exhilarating would be to do it a disservice, and the best thing Blizzard Mountain does is introduce two new events that make the most of its finest asset. Hillclimbs have you winding your way to the peaks, but it’s the descents where the magic lies. Here you can let gravity do its thing as you try to keep out of the scenery, the descent almost daring you to press the throttle as you thunder on down. It’s amazing, and unlike anything that’s been in Forza Horizon to date.