We’re not getting Shenmue Remastered anytime soon, but this will do for now

Sega continues to dither over the matter of Shenmue remasters, but fans continue to do great work breathing fresh life into the modern-day classics. An all-new video from YouTube channel Dreamcasters’ Tube acts as an effective recap of the two previously released games while upgrading in-game cutscenes to 4K60fps.

While we wait in anticipation for more on Shenmue 3, currently being worked on by Yu Suzuki and a team of series veterans at Ys Net, the video works to help players get up to speed or simply as a very welcome burst of nostalgia. It’s hard not to feel goosebumps creeping up when watching this artful and concise digest. Its aim is to push up the proceeds for Shenmue 3, which are currently still being collected

It’s not the first time Shenmue has been buffed up by fans – one project is recreating the original with HD assets, while another has remade the Hazuki house in Unreal Engine 4. Sega, meanwhile,