Watch: Johnny plays Overwatch live

The biggest Overwatch patch to date is now live on PC, introducing a whole raft of changes to the game. Arcade mode introduces several new match types including 3v3 elimination and 1v1 duel modes, while Sombra finally makes her way into the hero roster.

To mark the fact – and try to get to grips with everyone’s new favourite hacker – I’ll be playing Overwatch live on our YouTube channel from 3pm. If you want to tune in and see me struggle to use a keyboard balanced across my lap, all you need do is click on the video below.

If you have any pressing thoughts about Sombra, arcade mode or any other aspect of Overwatch, let fly in the comments below.

Watch: Johnny and Chris play Mount and Blade Warband, impersonate Sean Bean

Here are three facts about Chris Bratt – he is taller than you might expect; he has a new winter coat which some people made fun of him for earlier this week, but I think is nice; he does a surprisingly good impression of Sean Bean.

I found out only one of these things during the course of this week’s Late to the Party, in which I played Mount and Blade: Warband for the first time, and it probably doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one. Just in case you guessed wrong, however, it might be advisable to watch this week’s episode, which also contains a lot of talk about the value of rocks and several attempts to kick the Merchant of Praven in the yarbles.

While – as the video above sadly proves – I won’t be carving out a kingdom for myself any time soon, I nonetheless really enjoyed my time with Mount and Blade: Warband. I’d encourage you to share any memories you might have of said game in the comments below.

Watch: Johnny plays Tomb Raider, nearly explodes

Tomb Raider turned 20 this week, if Wes’ lovely article on didn’t tip you off.

I never played Tomb Raider as a child, though in the interests of full disclosure I did give it a quick go a few years back. Nonetheless, not having any fond memories of Lara Croft’s grave robbing adventures to speak of, now seemed like the right time to revisit Tomb Raider for an episode of Late to the Party.

In hindsight, I’m not sure Aoife knew what she was letting herself in for.

Watch: Johnny is really terrible at the Sega Aladdin game

It’s amazing to me, when I look back at some of the platformers I used to play as a young ‘un, how I or any other child managed to last one level, let alone an entire playthrough, of games like Donkey Kong Country, The Lion King, or Aladdin. They were vicious and unforgiving, and yet kid me ate them up, pouring weeks and months into mastering a level that had been besting me. When you got a single game on birthdays or Christmases, you were determined to make it last. Maybe it’s that learned patience (or stubbornness) that has given my generation such an appreciation for games like Dark Souls – we like to see our tenacity pay off.

I don’t know where Johnny Chiodini was for all of these important life lessons, however, because he was absolutely dire at the PC rerelease of the Sega Mega Drive version of Disney’s Aladdin when I put it in front of him earlier this week. Watch him charge headlong into enemies and then wonder why he keeps dying – mind-boggling. At least we got to sing Prince Ali over and over. And over.

For the record, I have to say that I prefer the SNES version of Aladdin. It just looks and sounds better to me, but it’s hard to stick up for a game when even one of its own designers – one Shinji Mikami – says he prefers the Mega Drive version. Ain’t never had a friend like him.

Watch: Johnny plays Pokémon Go live at 3:30pm

If you’re a Pokémon Go player, the Eurogamer office is pretty perfectly situated. Sandwiched between two pokéstops (and in range of both), office hours are basically one long stream of lure drops and pokémon captures. Most of the time, however, I work from home, where I am in range of precisely naff all. If I want to catch some decent pokémon, I have to get up and walk around. Which is precisely what I’ll be doing later on today, live on the internet.

Join me this afternoon at 3:30 when I’ll be streaming Pokémon Go around central London, taking in the sights and hopefully capturing a few rare Pokémon along the way. That is, of course, assuming the servers don’t crash, that my phone doesn’t overheat, and that my external battery pack can provide enough power to keep me online for the whole ninety minutes.

That’s a lot of ifs, I grant you, but either way it should make for an interesting watch. Unfortunately there’s no way for me to generate a link for the stream in advance from the YouTube gaming app, but keep your eyes on this article (or our youtube channel itself) as it’ll be getting updated with a link as soon as I go live.

Watch: Johnny and Aoife kick-start our regular Wednesday streams with Overwatch

Hello! This is weird. I’m writing a blog about a live stream but for once I’m not the one doing the actual streaming.

Today sees the start of our push to produce regular streams over on our YouTube channel. It’s also a chance for the rest of the video team to get a piece of the sweet, sweet livestream action that I’ve been hogging these past few years.

Every Wednesday from now until the internet burns down, we’ll be doing our best to bring you a livestream at around about 3:30pm. The presenters will change; sometimes it’ll be the whole video team, sometimes, like today, it’ll just be a couple of us. Sometimes, if we really have to, we might even invite some of the editorial team to join us. Oh, and of course, if the game permits it, we’d love to get you lot involved as well.

Watch: Johnny plays World of Warcraft for the first time, tries to make a friend

When it comes to video games, World of Warcraft is probably my biggest cultural blind spot. I’m aware of how significant Blizzard’s MMO is and how much it’s impacted lives across the world (who isn’t) but beyond that, I’m a babe lost in the woods.

Or maybe that should be a Tauren lost in Mulgore, as is very much the case in this episode of Late to the Party. Former World of Warcraft addict Chris Bratt graciously agreed to show me the ropes, extolling the virtues of WoW’s community and all the friends to be made therein. As you’ll see, however, making a friend was considerably harder than Chris made out. Watch the video below for quillboar, questionable name choices and the best joke you’ll hear about an orc this week.