Watch: Ian tries to stay alive in the PS4 port of How to Survive 2

Zombie survival games are ten a penny on PC, but on console there are slimmer pickings. This is especially true when it comes to zombie survival games that offer co-operative multiplayer.

Shambling along to help plug that hole is the console port of How to Survive 2, the sequel to 2013’s How to Survive which has been out in Early Access on the PC since October 2015.

I’ll be diving into the game pretty much blind, but I do know it differs quite a lot from the first, very story-driven game. The top-down perspective remains the same, but the open world seems to have been replaced by linear fetch quests and detailed base building and crafting mechanics.

Watch: Ian plays Super Mario Sunshine for the first time

Playing host to classics like Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart: Double Dash (the best Mario Kart ever, in case you were wondering), the Nintendo Gamecube was a criminally underrated console. I adored mine, getting use out of it all the way through my teens and well into university.

Ian Higton, on the other hand, never owned one – until this month, that is. In a stroke of genius, he acquired a Gamecube for his birthday, thereby allowing him to experience the splendour of Super Mario Sunshine for the very first time in this week’s Late to the Party. Little did he know he’d bitten off more than he could chew, coming up against Sunshine’s finicky camera and my own powerful, sordid sense of nostalgia. Watch the video below for inept platforming and some startling personal revelations from yours truly. Apologies in advance.

If you have any particularly fond memories of Super Mario Sunshine – or any other Gamecube game, for that matter – feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Watch: Ian plays Conan Exiles live from 3.30pm

Conan Exiles has launched on Steam early access. Pretty much instantaneously, players discovered that the character customisation screen features an endowment slider, allowing you choose the size of your character’s breasts and / or penis. To top things off, you also start the game undergoing a gentle bit of crucifixion.

With a game letting you choose the size of your todger newly released, it seemed cruel not to let Ian Higton get hands on – no pun intended. Ian will be diving into Conan Exiles from 3.30 today until 5pm – or until he runs out of nob gags, whichever happens first.

You can tune in via the video player above as soon as the stream starts – failing that, you can keep refreshing our instead. Feel free to share your best willy puns in the comments while you wait. I’ll start – um, Conan the.. Boner..barian? Surely you can do better.

Watch: Ian plays the charmingly bonkers Hidden My Game By Mom

For this week’s Tuesday stream, I’m going to be playing a game that almost certainly would have been my game of 2016, if I hadn’t discovered it early on in 2017. Maybe it’ll be my game of 2017, but since we’re only mid-January

Hidden My Game By Mom is a charming but utterly bonkers (in a lovely way) ‘escape the room’ game by a Japanese developer named Hap Inc. which really should be played by everyone.

The concept is simple; Mom has hidden your 3DS and you have to find it by searching your room while avoiding increasingly wacky hazards as you do so. The further you progress, the more difficult the puzzles become, and solving them often needs a little bit of creative thinking.

Watch: Ian plays 90 minutes of Gravity Rush 2, forgets which way is up

In case you missed it, our Gravity Rush 2 went live this morning. Donlan rather liked it, finding himself particularly taken with the new Treasure Hunt mechanic. Safe in the knowledge it isn’t a stinker, then, I’ll be streaming 90 minutes of Gravity Rush 2 from 3.30pm today.

For this stream I’ll be shifting through a selection of story and side missions taking place in Chapter Two of the game, skipping out the rather plodding tutorial chapter in favour of something a bit more action packed.

You can watch the stream as soon as it starts in the video player above. Unless you are able to shift gravity like Kat, that is – in which case it might be below you, or possibly off to the side somewhere. Is that how gravity works? I’m not sure that’s how gravity works.

Watch: Ian plays Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+, tries not to gag

Hello you, and welcome to the first and last Eurogamer Wednesdays stream of 2017!

Ah but don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of our regular weekly streams. We’re just moving them to Tuesdays instead, to make way for Johnny’s regular (and brilliant) gaming cookery videos (AKA Chiodini’s Kitchen). Absolutely , if you haven’t already.

Anyway, for today’s stream, I’ll be playing 90 minutes of the new update for The Binding of Isaac, which is called Afterbirth+. Because of course it is.

Watch: Ian introduces Johnny to Cannon Fodder in Late to the Party

I never played Cannon Fodder as a child, though I vaguely remember seeing it in shops. Ian, on the other hand, played it to death in his youth, which is why he decided I needed an education in good squad management for this week’s Late to the Party.

I’m not sure my troop control was what one might call good, to be perfectly, honest, but it was at least interesting to have a look at one of Ian’s favourite games – and to see what caused the British Legion to kick off when the game was first published. Click the video below for badly thrown grenades, a rant about the importance of a good nickname, and – fair warning – quite a lot of swearing.

If you have any fond memories of Cannon Fodder – or any other Sensible titles, for that matter – feel free to bring your trip down memory lane to the comments below. And if anyone can explain to me how the hell I’m supposed to control two squads at once without either getting killed immediately, that would be great – Ian Higton does not a good drill sergeant make.

Watch: Ian introduces Chris to the Atari Jaguar (and its controller inserts)

If you’ve been following our weekly series Late to the Party, you might have caught in which Ian subjected – sorry, introduced – Chris to the delights of loading a tape into the ZX Spectrum. After several crashes and a somewhat abortive run at Fantasy World Dizzy, the video team’s youngest member might have thought he was done with retro consoles. He would have been wrong.

In this week’s episode, Ian digs our his Atari Jaguar and puts Chris through his paces with Alien vs Predator and Kasumi Ninja – a surprisingly racist fighting game voiced (I think) by a man impersonating Peter Sellers impersonating a Chinese person in Murder by Death.

If you have any fond memories of the Atari Jaguar – or if you can remember any games that actually managed to use all those buttons on the controller – please do share them in the comments below.

Watch: Ian plays through the first 90 minutes of the Amnesia Collection, tries not to cry

“Forget it.” That’s what the sensible people said when they were asked if they wanted to stream the Amnesia Collection today. Me? Well, it turns out I’m not so smart, because at 3:30pm today I’ll be streaming the first 90 minutes of Amnesia: The Dark Descent – a game which, I am reliably informed, is one of the scariest ever made.

We’ll see about that though, I’m super brave and silly make-believe monsters don’t scare me one bit. Oh, and I’m not crying at the moment, honest, I just got some dust in my eye, is all.

Anyway, if you want to watch me getting all freaked out, join me on the link below for ninety minutes of live stream screams.

Watch: Ian plays two hours of Watch Dogs 2, causes havoc in virtual San Francisco

Annoying hipster simulator Watch Dogs 2 launches early next week but I’ve been given the go-ahead to stream a couple of hours of gameplay on our YouTube channel at 3pm GMT.

There’s a hefty streaming embargo in place which means I’ll be avoiding major story spoilers and concentrating more on light-hearted campaign missions and side quests, with a heap of free roam exploration and NPC trolling thrown in for good measure.

If you were burnt by the original Watch Dogs then I’d thoroughly recommend you check out the stream below, because from my experiences playing the game at preview events at least, this sequel is HolloWAY better than the original. Sorry.