Watch: Chris plays FTL for the first time, aids intergalactic slave trade

To anybody who even remotely familiar with the things Chris Bratt likes, it will no doubt shock you to learn that he had never played FTL until this week’s episode of Late to the Party. FTL is a game that feels like I was made specifically for him. It’s a game as complimentary to his being as scarves are to his general aesthetic nine months of the year.

Anyway, all of this is to say that in the video below, I sat Chris down and put him in charge of the space age roguelike to see how he got on. What followed was a scandalous tale of missiles, cowardice, hubrice and a surprisingly open minded approach to the concept of space slavery. You think you know a guy…

Alright, so Chris may have deliberately asphyxiated the character he named after me and frankly that was a bit weird, but all in all I don’t think he did too badly for a first time FTL player. If you have any fond memories of time spent jumping around the galaxy and hastily putting out fires, feel free to share in the comments below.

Watch: Chris and Johnny milk a cow using the Nintendo Switch

If you were watching the Nintendo Switch presentation last week, you likely saw a bizarre section in which Nintendo’s General Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi became briefly obsessed with the number of ice cubes you can s at any given time.

The reason for this quixotic segment was to introduce the HD Rumble, the joycon’s haptic feedback vibration system. This technology has many potential applications including, apparently, milking a virtual cow; which is what Chris and I ended up doing at the Nintendo Switch hands-on event.

You can watch us get to grips with Milk, one of the minigames included in launch title 1-2 Switch, in the video below. I won’t say it necessarily makes for comfortable viewing, but at least you aren’t having to maintain eye contact with somebody while manipulating a pretend teat.

Watch: Chris plays Resident Evil 4 for the first time

With Resident Evil 7 tantalisingly close to launch, now seems like a pretty good time to reflect on the highs – and lows of the beloved franchise. Or, if you’re Aoife Wilson, now is the time to find out which Resident Evil games Chris hasn’t played and then force him to experience them for the first time on camera.

In this week’s episode of Late to the Party, then, we’re off to Spain in search of the President’s daughter. You can find out what Chris thought of Resident Evil 4 in the video below. Fair warning, there’s also a fairly involved conversation as to whether or not the merchant is a flasher.

If you have any fond memories of Resident Evil 4, feel free to share them in the comments below. I, for one, remember being pretty terrified of the possessed villagers. I certainly don’t recall Resi 4 being quite so brown, though…

Watch: Chris and Johnny play the first half hour of The Last Guardian

It still feels strange to contemplate, but The Last Guardian is actually a real, finished thing – and everything. What felt stranger, as Chris and I sat down (in lovely festive jumpers, might I add) earlier today, was to actually play it.

But play it we did. So, without any further ado, here’s the first half hour of The Last Guardian (with two nice chaps talking about it as they go).

For me, the best thing about The Last Guardian is that its long development hasn’t prevented it from feeling special. The animation is lovely and the little moments you have with Trico are beautiful. Even if Chris belted him in the head with a barrel.

Watch: Chris plays Dishonored for the first time, murders everybody

Dishonored is a very good video game that Chris Bratt missed because he was too busy playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Go figure. The beauty of Late to the Party, however, is that we can go back and introduce people to games they missed the first time round – without getting told off for slacking.

Sometimes, to make the experience even more rewarding, we learn valuable lessons along the way; lessons like ‘turns out Chris Bratt is secretly really violent’ or ‘Chris Bratt is completely amoral’ or ‘Chris Bratt makes fun of little girls while playing hide and seek with them’. Stuff like that.

We learned all three of those lessons and more in the above episode of Late to the Party in fact, so give it a watch and let yourself be swept away to a very, very violent version of Dunwall.

Watch: Chris and Aoife shake it in Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D sort of passed me by growing up, but I was always hearing stories about how fantastic its level design was, how satisfying its guns were to shoot, and how many secrets were cleverly tucked away for those determined enough to find them. Oh yes, and there were loads of boobs in it.

So, who better to introduce me to the delights of Duke Nukem for the very first time but Chris “” Bratt? Playing the 20th Anniversary World Tour edition on PS4, we go for a leisurely stroll around Hollywood, shooting aliens in the ankles and stopping off at its finest erotic literature emporium.

The abundance of pixellated breasts aside, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how fun the game still is. As a fan of 80’s action movies it’s a beautiful combination of nonsensical non sequiturs and completely OTT violence that is certainly of its time, but all the more loveable for it.

Watch: Chris and Ian experience PSVR and have a lovely time

It’s no secret that I’m excited about the PSVR. I’ve been until my pre-order arrives like it’s a second Christmas, so when I popped into the Gamer Network offices on Monday I was very excited to learn that Eurogamer had been sent a review unit.

Not one to waste a good opportunity to make some video, I grabbed my sidekick Chris Bratt and together we set up our capture kit – which is thankfully very easy to do thanks to the PSVR’s social screen – and took the device for a test drive. Unfortunately we only had enough time to try out two PSVR games so we chose a couple that, we hope, show off the potential of the unit pretty well.

Our journey into virtual reality started off rather sedately with a go on Tumble VR. Anyone who was an early adopter of Sony’s PS Move controllers should be familiar with Tumble, it’s a brilliant little physics based puzzler that’s all about balancing blocks on top of one another and not letting them fall down. Kind of like a reverse Jenga. Anyway, this PSVR version requires a steady hand and a good sense of spatial awareness so I don’t really know why I agreed to let Chris play it.

Watch: Chris teaches a reluctant Aoife how to play Hearthstone

For someone who hasn’t played Hearthstone, I know more than I should about it. Nothing useful like what cards to use for an easy win, of course, but I do know my fair share of Warcraft lore. I know what Rusty Horn sounds like, too, and I know that Trump is the unfortunately named but soothingly voiced king of How to Twitch streams.

I have nothing against Hearthstone, you see – I just don’t have the patience for it. With the release of new Hearthstone Adventure One Night in Karazhan on the horizon, Chris Bratt decided it was time to remedy this by taking me through a match against the Innkeeper, and then one against an actual real-life worthy opponent. Surprising everyone, it went better than expected.