Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event begins today

Pokémon Go will celebrate Valentine’s Day with an event full of appropriately pink Pokémon.

Chansey, Clefable, Porygon and others will be easier to find in the wild, while the new baby Pokémon Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will appear more frequently from eggs.

You’ll get double the amount of candy while catching, hatching and transferring Pokémon, while Lure Modules will last for a boosted six hours each.

Ready at Dawn’s De-formers release date set for Valentine’s Day

The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn’s competitive multiplayer physics-based brawler De-formers will launch 14th February on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The retail version will be will be priced at $29.99 (about £24) and exclusive to Gamestop, who published the game as part of its new GameTrust program.

Ready at Dawn also revealed how the game’s currency system will work. Players will earn “Strands”, a unique currency used to unlock additional Forms, when they level up. Additionally, Strands can be purchased from the store. The more common currency will be Silver, which is doled out after every match and can be used to unlock cosmetic add-ons. Players can also trade in Strands for more Silver.

For Honor gets Valentine’s Day release date and a campaign

Ubisoft’s chunky sword-and-axe fighting game For Honor has been given a Valentine’s Day – 14th February 2017 – release date. It’s coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

A year ago this game was multiplayer only but now there’s a campaign, which you can play alone or in co-op. You’re fighting the Blackstone Legion and some mean lady who wants war!

Ubisoft released a Viking campaign mission video you can see below.