How similar is Paladins to Overwatch?

Last week, Hi-Rez Studios co-founder Todd Harris to address comments that upcoming team-based shooter Paladins was a copy or clone of Blizzard’s Overwatch. Harris pointed out that Paladins was in development before Overwatch was announced but also said that the developers decided to stick to their guns despite elements of their game being similar to Overwatch, as other approaches didn’t focus test well.

Looking at the discussion online, there’s still a fierce chicken-and-egg debate going on about who (if anyone) copied who first, a lot of which focuses on whether Paladins changed to become more like Overwatch after Blizzard’s announcement. (The rest of it is populated by Team Fortress 2 fans making sure everybody knows TF2 was copied first.)

It’s a messy discussion, frankly; one I can’t see ending anytime soon. Instead of trying to arbitrate over who did what, I decided it was better to simply play Paladins and see just how similar the two games are.

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which came very close to nailing the feel of its original 90’s predecessor.

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