D. Va bunny flag and stickers spotted at South Korean Women’s March

Overwatch hero D. Va appears to be something of an icon in South Korea. Flags and stickers bearing her iconic bunny logo were spotted at the Seoul instance of .

retweeted an image of a pink bunny flag at the protest. On the flag it apparently says National D. Va Association, according to the .

also found images of D. Va bunny logo stickers worn during the event, printed alongside the words, “The Rise Of The Woman = The Rise Of The Nation.”

There’s a new Titanfall game coming to South Korea

EA recently said that it was , despite Respawn’s sequel , but this brand expansion may not be what some of us had in mind as the publisher recently revealed the Asia specific Titanfall Online.

As reported by , this spin-off is a joint effort between Respawn, EA, and Nexon. It appears to be a free-to-play affair and it will premiere in South Korea for a “Frontier Test” from 15th-21st December.

There’s no word on an international release, and based on the footage below, it appears to be based more on the first Titanfall than its sequel. It’s also noticeably less pretty.

Juri comes to Street Fighter 5 next week

Juri, Street Fighter 5’s next downloadable character, will be available from 26th July, Capcom has said. As with all the game’s DLC characters, you can buy Juri with Fight Money or real money.

Juri, who made her debut in Street Fighter 4, is a Taekwondo expert from South Korea and is described by Capcom as a “provocative” S.I.N. agent.

Here’s the official blurb:

Now you can broadcast yourself eating on Twitch

Twitch has launched a new Social Eating category, and invited streamers to share their breakfasts, lunches and dinners in front of the camera.

Social eating is already popular in South Korea, where it is named “muk-bang” – literally, “eating broadcast”.

Cooking the food yourself is sometimes part of a muk-bang, although often the food consumed is a takeaway.