At least we have art for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Every time I hear Square Enix talk about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake – announced to gasps and sweaty excitement during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference – the game seems further away.

This week, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the role-playing game series, Square Enix released a single, solitary piece of key art for the remake. The image, below, shows Cloud holding his Buster Sword set to the background of Midgar, base of the Shinra Electric Power Company. And who’s that in the background? Yep, it’s a giant, towering Sephiroth, complete with angel wings.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake was announced a year-and-a-half ago, but it sounds like it’s still in the early stages of production. Famitsu magazine recently interviewed producer Yoshinori Kitase about the timed PlayStation 4 exclusive, and, according to translation work by , gave a progress update.

Watch: Here’s the best theory we have on Kojima’s new game Death Stranding

I love a good conspiracy theory. That’s not to say I ever believe them – mostly I just enjoy snorting into my coffee while marvelling at the mental gymnastics that excitable, like-minded communities or fandoms are capable of. The best ones are a perfect blend of the ridiculous, a dash of wishful-thinking, and just enough facts to make the whole thing plausible. But, just ask the Game of Thrones crowd; sometimes, just sometimes, theories can hit the mark, even years before their intended reveal. And if not? Well hopefully they were ridiculous enough to be entertaining.

With that in mind, here’s a theory I’ve been working on concerning what Kojima’s new game Death Stranding – announced at this year’s Sony E3 conference – is all about. I mean sure it’s a little early to jump to any conclusions, given that the game only exists in the form of this teaser and a couple of planning documents hidden on Kojima’s laptop, but where’s the fun in that?

It’s going to be a very long wait for this one, so we may as well keep ourselves busy. Let the speculation commence.

Hideo Kojima on going with Sony – and what Death Stranding could possibly mean

“Hello everyone – I am back!”

You can say one thing about Hideo Kojima: he certainly knows how to make an entrance. The superstar developer strode out onto Sony’s E3 stage like a rock star – and was greeted by the sort of welcome usually reserved for returning war heroes.

Which, in a sense, he is. The unheralded, unexpected appearance midway through the platform holder’s press conference marked the end of Kojima’s post-Konami exile and his first major public engagement since his newly-formed Kojima Productions studio joined forces with Sony. Kojima has never been one to recoil from the glare of the spotlight, of course, but you sense there was more to this than mere indulgence or grandstanding.

Sony gives PlayStation VR a release date at E3 2016

Sony has announced a specific 13th October US release date for PlayStation VR. There’s nothing confirmed for Europe but details usually arrive after the E3 conference ends.

We already .

Sony said there would be 50 games playable on PlayStation VR this year. Games shown during Sony’s E3 conference included Star Wars: Battlefront VR; Batman Arkham VR coming October; and VR support of some kind for Final Fantasy 15. There was a suggestion the new Call of Duty would have VR support, too, although it’s not clear at this point. I’ll clarify this and more when solid details arrive.