Jelly Deals roundup: Bloodborne GOTY, Madden 17, Rocket League and more

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So that was January. I spent its last weeks playing an absolute ton of Resident Evil 7 which, at times, honestly felt like the Evil Dead game we all deserve. Regardless, it’s February now and we’re here for another batch of gaming deals, the best of the past seven or so days. Let’s get to it.

As is the norm, we’ve got deals that’ll work in the UK, deals that’ll work in the US and some deals that will work in both the UK and US, as well as presumably many other places.

Rocket League player count soars past 25m

Rocket League has over 25m registered players, developer Psyonix has announced.

Last we checked, , that number was around 15m.

Since its release in July 2015, over 1bn games have been played. The developer noted that 50 per cent of these were Competitive games, 33 per cent were Casual, six per cent were Private, and 11 per cent were Alternative modes.

Watch: 7 games we’d love to play in virtual reality

The PSVR is very nearly out – we’ve been for a couple of days now, in fact – and it’s got us thinking about all the other games we’d like to see adapted to VR tech. Which, funnily enough, is why we made a video about the games we’d most like to play in VR.

Click the video above for Cannon Fodder, Planet Coaster, Rocket League and oh yes, every point and click game ever made. Be sure to let us know which games you’d most like to play in VR in the comments below.

Rocket League free underwater Aquadome DLC today

Car football game Rocket League is getting a free underwater arena today called the Aquadome. It won’t have you floating around in the water but in a kind of glass-domed arena under the sea. It’s quite BioShocky.

Also in the update are redesigns of the Hotshot and Road Hog cars, some free customisation items, Trophies and Achievements, and some general nips and tucks.

There are two new premium flashy cars too. They are the torpedo-like Proteus, and the science-submariney Triton, and they’re $2 a piece, which is probably around £1.59 here, or, well, post-Brexit who knows.

Rocket League gets free Rumble battle mode next month

Everybody’s favourite footballing car game Rocket League will get a new battle mode next month.

Brawl will pit players against one another, armed with randomised power-ups.

You’ll still get points for scoring, but you will also be able to disrupt play – and other players – with abilities which let you freeze, magnetise or spike the ball.

Rocket League getting Counter Strike-style paid crate loot system

Over the weekend, Rocket League players found images pointing to a key and crate loot system in the game.

Now, developer Psyonix has confirmed it is bringing the Counter-Strike-style mechanic to the game.

Images of a crate and key card were posted to the Rocket League three days ago, sparking worries over what this might mean for the game.

The new Worms gets loads of video game guest stars

The next Worms game includes guest stars from a raft of video games as pre-order bonuses.

Worms W.M.D has guest stars from Rocket League, Payday 2, Saints Row 4 and even Goat Simulator. But to get them you have to pre-order the game.

Rocket League brings a tank and the Octane Battle-Car. From the world of Goat Simulator comes the Goat-on-a-Rope weapon. The Payday 2 crossover lets you dress your worms up in the masks from the multiplayer shooter. And Saints Row 4’s Dubstep gun is now a worms weapon. It makes worms dance.

Rocket League free on Xbox One this weekend

Footballing car favourite Rocket League will be free to download and play on Xbox One this weekend.

The offer coincides with an unlocked weekend of Xbox Live, so anyone can join multiplayer for free.

It’s the first time that Xbox Live has been unlocked on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, Major “Larry Hyrb” Nelson has pointed out.