Resident Evil 7 DLC begins rolling out next week on PS4

Resident Evil 7 launches today, but you won’t have to wait long for even more survival horror.

The game’s Banned Footage Vol. 1 pack launches next week on 31st January for PlayStation 4 and costs $9.99 (UK price TBA).

After that it’s another short wait until 14th February – Valentine’s Day – when Banned Footage Vol. 2 arrives. This costs more – $14.99 (again, UK price TBA).

GAME cancels Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition orders due to broken Baker Mansion statues

A batch of broken Baker Mansion statues has left GAME customers with a last-minute refund rather than their £99 Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition.

Stock of the special edition pack – exclusive to GAME in the UK – was delivered damaged, the UK retailer has admitted.

One GAME customer told Eurogamer he was only informed of the issue yesterday, at the last possible minute. Resident Evil 7 launched this morning in the UK.

Resident Evil modder re-imagines the classic game in first-person

With Resident Evil 7 launching today, series superfan and modder has reenvisioned the original adventure as a modern first-person affair in the following video:

Using the mansion and character models from the Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii, Lima recreated the opening few rooms from Capcom’s seminal survival horror affair with the camera planted firmly in Jill’s eyeholes.

It doesn’t look nearly as creepy as Resi 7, but that mostly comes down to the garish lighting. The actual cramped corridors still seem proper scary to be maneuvering around zombies in. Clearly Capcom was really onto something when it decided to opt for this new perspective.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

Two decades since players first stepped over the threshold of the Spencer mansion, Resident Evil has rediscovered the peculiar thrill of opening a door. Among the original game’s most distinctive flourishes are its unearthly, cutaway room transitions: doors gliding through darkness, their jaws creaking open to engulf you. Resident Evil 7 draws on vastly different design traditions – many of which it sadly struggles to build on in any significant sense – but at least to begin with, its doors give off a comparably eerie vibe.

You’ll nose against them tentatively, feeling for the chink of a lock, the pickled paintwork glistening under your flashlight in a way series creator Shinji Mikami could only have dreamed of back in 1996. You’ll nudge them ajar and pause, ears pricked for a reaction, eye trained on a sliver of mantelpiece or desktop. If you’re making use of the game’s slightly ramshackle but quite impressive PlayStation VR support, you might physically crane your neck around the frame. Then – after checking your ammunition and, perhaps, reshuffling the weapons you have mapped to the D-pad – you’ll sag forward into the room, angling to place your back to a wall as you scan its invariably grim contents: the fizz of a CRT screen in a corner, flyblown pans of meat, the frayed aurora of a bloodstain. Encountering nobody, you’ll spin on your heel to appraise the corridor you’ve just left. Nope, no obvious signs of malicious intent. Returning your attention to the room, you’ll take another few steps forward and slowly breathe out. Then the door will swing shut behind you with the gentlest of clicks, and you’ll throw the controller at the ceiling.

Resident Evil 7 is, in its way, as much a grab-bag of influences and themes as the would-be series capstone, Resident Evil 6, a game that set out to merge every form Resident Evil has taken over the years into one, ungainly whole. The first-person perspective and lumbering character movement evoke F.E.A.R. and Condemned (narrative designer Richard Pearsey’s credits include two of the former’s expansion packs), while the dreadfully greasy and emaciated art direction calls to mind the Amnesia series and Resi’s ancient rival, Silent Hill. Resident Evil 4’s crowded encounters are a distant memory, but there are shades of its frenzied risk management in combat – you can target the limbs of certain enemies to stall their attacks, or aim for the head (or whatever most resembles a head) in the hope of a swift, ammunition-conserving finish.

Resident Evil 7 offers Cross-Buy on Xbox One and Windows 10

Resident Evil 7 will be a Cross-Buy affair on Xbox One and Windows 10, meaning that if you buy it on one platform you’ll get it on both.

The news was just confirmed by head of Xbox Phil Spencer on .

This should make Microsoft’s platforms more competitive with the PS4 version, which supports PlayStation VR – something that will be exclusive for a year.

Be warned: surprise Resident Evil 7 ending spoiler leaks online

Watch out, Resi fans – a big spoiler from the ending of Resident Evil 7 has popped up online.

We won’t detail it here, but suffice to say it’s a surprise you would enjoy seeing unspoiled.

Screenshots from the game’s ending first appeared on notorious internet imageboard 4chan over the weekend and quickly sparked fan discussion. Because even though the spoiler is out there, the thing itself raises a number of questions.

Watch: Chris plays Resident Evil 4 for the first time

With Resident Evil 7 tantalisingly close to launch, now seems like a pretty good time to reflect on the highs – and lows of the beloved franchise. Or, if you’re Aoife Wilson, now is the time to find out which Resident Evil games Chris hasn’t played and then force him to experience them for the first time on camera.

In this week’s episode of Late to the Party, then, we’re off to Spain in search of the President’s daughter. You can find out what Chris thought of Resident Evil 4 in the video below. Fair warning, there’s also a fairly involved conversation as to whether or not the merchant is a flasher.

If you have any fond memories of Resident Evil 4, feel free to share them in the comments below. I, for one, remember being pretty terrified of the possessed villagers. I certainly don’t recall Resi 4 being quite so brown, though…

Watch: Everything you need to know about Resident Evil 7

I realise I’ve spent writing about my thoughts on spending five hours with Resident Evil 7. But I was still seeing the same doubts creep up again and again from readers and commenters, that Resident Evil 7 didn’t look Resident Evil enough, that it looked like it shared little with previous series entries aside from name alone. Though the game is out within the month, I thought I’d have one last go at explaining why exactly I think that 7 is worth your time, and why the Beginning/Twilight/Midnight Hour demo is – and isn’t – representative of the final game.

I do fully understand the concerns though. We all have vastly different opinions when it comes to the low and high points of the franchise, and previous series entries have been disappointments for me personally, which I guess is why I wasn’t really expecting to find Resident Evil 7 such fun to play. I hope it’s a pleasant surprise for lots of other old-school Resident Evil fans too.

Watch: The 7 scariest things in Resident Evil 7 (so far)

Welcome back to Outside Xbox, where this week we were playing Resident Evil 7. In spite of its new first-person perspective, it feels like Resident Evil of yore, packed as it is with happily familiar Resident Evil tropes, such as minimal ammunition, a mansion full of weird door puzzles and the sinister presence of the Umbrella Corporation.

What’s more, its twisted horror has lingered in our minds long since we’ve stopped playing. Here are the seven scariest things that have kept us up at night.

Also on our minds have been easter eggs, the fun little references hidden in games. Though occasionally they’re less like fun little in-jokes, more like horrible nightmares you wish you hadn’t gone out of your way to discover. Behold some of the darkest easter eggs in videogames ever to make our skin crawl.

Jelly Deals roundup: Resident Evil 7, Gears of War 4, The Last Guardian and more

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Happy New Year, everybody! Congratulations on making it all the way into 2017, the most angular of years to look at written down. This year will undoubtedly bring about a whole bunch of change – a new Nintendo console is always going to be a spectacle – as well as some familiar faces – looking at you, return of Assassin’s Creed. Hopefully, you’re all feeling extra well rested after the holiday break you presumably had, and maybe you’ve got some Christmas money to burn on something fancy and new, just for yourself.

With that in mind, we’ve got a whole new batch of stuff to check out this week, so let’s get cracking. As is the norm, we’ve got deals that’ll work in the UK, deals that’ll work in the US and some deals that will work in both the UK and US – as well as presumably many other places.