Looking for Ghost Recon in the Wildlands

If you had any expectations that Ghost Recon Wildlands would play anything like its predecessors in the tactical shooter series, it’s probably best to put them to one side. This is a very different take on the formula.

So different is this spin on an old Ubisoft staple – developed over five years by the same team in Paris that’s been the steward of the series since 2004 – that it’s hard to see what’s left of the older games. Wildlands does its own thing, and it feels like four-player co-op is at the very heart of what Ubisoft has designed here.

When it works it works brilliantly; stand on a runway with the ruins of a successfully conquered enemy camp behind you as you watch a friend pirouette in the sky as they try to nail their landing in a plane so they can pick you up and whisk you off to the next objective, and you can convince yourself that more than simply inserting multiplayer to tick a box, Ghost Recon Wildlands has the ability to be a great co-op game.

Hitman’s next Elusive Target will be live on Friday

Hitman’s next Elusive Target, the 19th of these limited time engagements, will launch on 27th January.

Set in Paris, this mission will be available at 1pm UK time and will remain live for 10 days until the same time Monday, 6th February.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate a blackmailer named Walter Williams and retrieve the memory stick. As with all Elusive Targets, you only get one shot at this. Make it count.

Hitman’s Holiday Hoarders mission lets you murder the thugs from Home Alone

Yesterday our Ian Higton , which features a nod to a holiday classic that you may have missed. For its two targets, Harry “Smokey” Bognato and Marv “Slick” Gonif , are based on the robbers tortured by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

In fact, the Hitman mission acts as a sequel of sorts to the films as the mission briefing notes that the pair are “American nationals now living in Paris after a series of botched break-ins and related violent crimes forced them to leave their home country.”

Astute viewers may recall that the robbers’ surnames have been changed – they were known as Harry Lime and Marv Merchants in the films – but that makes sense for people on the run from the unholy wrath of Culkin’s Kevin McCallister.

Feeling flush: Hitman’s new Colorado episode refreshes old toilet mechanics

After a whirlwind tour of Paris, Marrakesh, Bangkok and the Amalfi Coast, Hitman touches down tomorrow in Colorado, USA.

More than six months on and five episodes in (six if you count the summer bonus release), Hitman developer IO Interactive faces a challenge to entice players back to its episodic Hitman series.

Hitman’s formula is now well established – and one difficulty of an episodic release is that Hitman’s experienced players are now very, very experienced. But Colorado introduces some new tweaks to its bodycount-building recipe IO hopes will entice players of all skill levels back to the fold.

Ubisoft VR games Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within get release dates

Ubisoft has announced release dates for its trio of VR games coming later this year.

First up is , the multiplayer flying game from Ubisoft’s FunHouse division, where you soar through historic Paris as a bird of prey, either alone or in multiplayer.

It’s rolling out on the three main VR platforms in waves, coming first to Oculus Rift on October 18th, followed by PlayStation VR on November 8th and HTC Vive on December 20th.

Giant Overwatch action figures appear around the world

Blizzard’s latest marketing stunt has seen the publisher release a series of oversized Overwatch sculptures around the world.

Twitter user snapped pics of a colossal action figure of Tracer in a sealed box on Hollywood Boulevard.

This isn’t the only Overwatch statue popping up either, as Paris has a Genji figurine and Busan is getting one of Pharah, though that won’t be ready until tonight at 4am UK time according to .