Watch: Johnny cooks the Baker family dinner from Resident Evil 7

I’ve lived in some pretty awful places in my time, but even I have to take my hat off to the squalor in which Resident Evil 7’s Baker family resides. Given how filthy the house is – and how nasty its inhabitants – you wouldn’t expect it to be particularly fertile ground for a video game cooking show, but then Marguerite Baker does have a pretty strong fixation with food.

Not wanting to turn away from a challenge (and spurred on by our commenters), I decided to tackle Resident Evil 7’s Baker family dinner to see if I could make something that looks as suspicious as Marguerite’s cooking without, you know, poisoning anybody. The ideal dish to fit the brief, as it so happens, is one of my all time favourites. You can see what Aoife and Chris thought of it when I forced them to try it in the video below – the recipe is posted below that.

Chili Colorado (AKA Baker family dinner)