The best Final Fantasy game is finally getting a remaster

The very best Final Fantasy game ever made – and if you think otherwise I will fight you – is getting an HD remaster, with Final Fantasy 12 coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Square Enix made the announcement via its YouTube channel, releasing a brief trailer that shows the makeover in the works for the 2006 PlayStation 2 game. Excitingly, it seems the Final Fantasy 12 remaster will be taking its cues from the International Edition of the game which never saw release outside of Japan, introducing tweaked combat and a new Zodiac job system.

There’s no mention of platforms outside of the PS4 (and we’ll likely have to give up on our hopes of a Vita version), and Square’s yet to make an announcement beyond the video itself.

There’s a new Metal Gear Solid game coming this autumn

Okay, let’s cut straight to it – of course there’s not an all-singing, all-dancing brand new Metal Gear Solid video game coming from Konami this year. After all, we’re still waiting for them to finish the last one.

But! , there is coming from the company that’s due in Japan this autumn, and it’s taking its cues from Snake Eater, perhaps the most revered of Hideo Kojima’s long-running series. A new trailer for the machine reveals some all-new cutscenes – or, at least, old ones reimagined in an all-new engine, with characters such as The Boss and The End getting a new lick of paint.

Hideo Kojima famously left Konami late last year after a turbulent time around the launch of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and having established an all-new Kojima Productions he’s across the globe as he assembles his own team. Konami, meanwhile, recently , so still looks to be in the business of console gaming. As for a proper new Metal Gear, well that’ll likely have to wait. If you’re a pachinko fan, though, today must be a happy day.

Dragon Quest Builders heading westwards this October

Square Enix has announced that it’s to localise Dragon Quest Builders, the Minecraft-esque spin-off to the long-running RPG series, with the game coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita this October.

Dragon Quest is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Builders launched in Japan earlier this year. A fairly light construction RPG, it’s a neat gateway to the series for newer players (and an effective gateway to Minecraft-esque games for the older generation, from what I’ve played).

It shouldn’t be the only new Dragon Quest game we’ll be seeing this year, with Dragon Quest 8’s remake due on 3DS at some point this year, and Dragon Quest 11’s PS4 outing also due out in Japan.

One of Japan’s most terrifying 3DS games is being localised for the UK

Kumatomo, a curious Nintendogs-esque game from Bandai Namco that came out on Nintendo’s 3DS a couple of years back, is being localised for the UK this summer.

Rebranded as Teddy Together, it sees a bear moving into the player’s house brandishing a mysterious key. Over time and through interacting with the bear – talking to it, feeding it and clearing up after its mess – you’ll eventually learn its true purpose. Maybe the final thing’s not quite as sinister as it is in my head, but the Japanese trailer from 2013 (discovered ) isn’t exactly reassuring.

Teddy Together is out in the UK on July 1st, and features Amiibo support for compatible figures. Be afraid.