Watch Super Mario Odyssey’s trailer remade in GTA IV

Nintendo shocked us all when it revealed its plan to – or a close approximation of it anyway – with its upcoming Switch adventure Super Mario Odyssey. Given that it’s set in a slightly Nintendo-ised version of New York, Grand Theft Auto 4 fan has re-imagined this family affair as a gritty tale of Mario’s brushes with the law, gravity, booze, and automobile theft.

Indeed this version of Super Mario Odyssey lacks the , and this taller rendition of Mario looks less charming than his portly pint-sized counterpart, but that only makes them feel more at home in the Big Apple, where folks in giant plush knock-off mascot costumes aren’t a particularly unusual sight.

Still, it’s less terrifying than the live-action , amirite?

Modders are putting Liberty City inside Grand Theft Auto 5

A group of ambitious modders are working to put Liberty City inside Grand Theft Auto 5.

Liberty City is a fictional recreation of New York, and was the setting for Grand Theft Auto 3 and 4.

The mod is the work of the people behind modding tool OpenIV, who said in a post on that Liberty City will not replace Los Santos or Blaine County, but will appear across the sea. You can see how this looks in the teaser video, below. The idea is you can fly between the regular Los Santos map and GTA 4’s Liberty City map.

2016: A year in review

2016 was a strange year for video games. Recent memory is dominated by a handful of high quality blockbusters that failed to excite people. But let’s not forget earlier this year, when a handful of superb blockbusters definitely did excite people. And I’m not just talking about Street Fighter, either (don’t @ me).

In researching 2016, I was surprised to find it jam-packed with video game stuff. Lots of things happened. Lots of people left developers. Lots of people joined developers. Some developers closed down. Some developers sprang into life. Lots and lots and lots of video games came out, mostly on Valve’s ever-bulging Steam. Most were crap. Some were good. But in the pursuit of some kind of meaning, some kind of trend, I was left frustrated. Video games continue to be very good, even though 2016, at its close, feels a little less groundbreaking than I’d liked it to have been.

January, typically a quiet month for video games, saw a number of high-profile developers move on. Marc Laidlaw, lead writer of the Half-Life series, . The move was seen as further evidence, not that it’s needed at this point, that Half-Life 3 is just not happening. Then we learnt Leslie Benzies, long-time leader of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar North, after a 16-month sabbatical. He later sued Take-Two for $150m in a move that’s already aired . Will the parties settle? I kind of hope not.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold an incredible 6m copies in UK alone

Grand Theft Auto 5 has just passed the 6m copies sold mark in the UK.

That’s just for physical copies. Chart-Track’s data does not include download sales, so the actual number of copies sold in the UK will no doubt be significantly higher.

Still, it’s an astonishing milestone for what is the best-selling game of all time. GTA5 came out on 17th September 2013, which means it’s been on sale for 170 weeks. Of those, it’s been in Chart-Track’s top 10 for over 130, making it the video game version of Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You. (That last bit isn’t official Chart-Track data.)

Rockstar’s Bully celebrates 10th anniversary with iPhone, Android release

Bully, the controversial schoolyard adventure game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, is headed to mobile phones and tablets.

An Android version of the game is already available via priced £4.99. iPhone and iPad owners should get their own edition later today.

This version of the game is titled Bully: Anniversary Edition, and arrives as the game celebrates its 10th birthday.

Samsung pulls YouTube video of GTA5’s exploding Note 7 phone mod

They say all publicity is good publicity, but it seems like Samsung doesn’t want this.

Remember the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod which let you throw exploding Samsung Note 7 phones instead of grenades? Well, Samsung is trying to scrub footage of it from YouTube.

The tech giant – whose – has issued a copyright claim against a popular video of the mod (thanks, ).

GTA 5 mod makers go to war over “stolen” files

The creator of one of the most anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 mods has been accused of “ripping off” the work of other mod makers.

GTA 5 Redux is designed to revamp Rockstar’s open world epic with improved visuals, graphics systems and environmental effects. Check out how it changes the game in the video, below.

Redux came out on Friday amid much fanfare – but the launch has now been dampened by troubling accusations that emerged from the GTA 5 mod community.

Cool-looking Tokyo 42 coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well as PC in 2017

Tokyo 42 is due out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC, publisher Mode 7 has announced.

It plans to release all three versions of the game at the same time early in 2017.

Tokyo 42, from London developer SMAC, is an action game inspired by the likes of Syndicate and the first Grand Theft Auto game. It has a cool spinny isometric camera and a cyberpunk open-world that rekindles memories of Akira. You play as a freelance assassin.

Celebrate Pride in Grand Theft Auto 5 with this free PC mod

You can now celebrate Pride within Grand Theft Auto 5 via a free PC mod.

The Los Santos Pride add-on is unofficial, sadly, but has been made by a rainbow of supporters and is backed by Stockholm Pride – the largest Pride festival in Scandinavia.

Download the mod from and you can add a Pride parade to your game, along with rainbow shirts for your characters to wear, plus flags, vehicle skins, makeup and other props.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s community just solved a Bigfoot-sized secret

Years after release, Grand Theft Auto 5 fans have uncovered a new secret about the game.

This mystery was solved by a team of 20 players working together to scan through the game’s code, as Rockstar developers played a cat-and-mouse game with fans.

The hunt began last year with the find of a golden peyote plant, a special form of the hallucinogenic herb which causes players to trip out. Munching on this turned players into a superpowered Bigfoot.