Layoffs at Crytek

Embattled game company Crytek has suffered a round of layoffs.

Eurogamer was alerted to the news this morning by a source close to the company, and a representative confirmed the detail in a statement.

15 people are set to lose their jobs, Crytek said, from the main office in Frankfurt, Germany. The staff were a part of Crytek’s in-house publishing and marketing team.

Check out the Nintendo Switch steering wheel controller

Nintendo Switch has a port of Mario Kart 8, and so it has its own motion control steering wheel controller, too.

Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, who is at a Nintendo Switch hands-on event in Frankfurt, Germany took a few pictures of the wheel for us, and they reveal how you slot a Joy-con controller inside to get the thing going. The wheel works similarly to previous versions. There are shoulder buttons on the back. It looks tiny.

GAME has a “Joy-Con Wheel Pair” online for £13.99. I can’t see it on Amazon.

Crytek breaks silence, closes multiple studios

Far Cry, Crysis and Ryse developer Crytek has broken its silence following reports of unpaid wages to say it’s letting go of multiple studios.

Crytek had struggled to pay staff since May 2016, but a source within Crytek’s main office in Frankfurt, Germany, told Eurogamer last week that October salaries had arrived, with November salaries set to be paid this week.

Now, Crytek has issued a press release, titled: “Crytek Outlines Future Plans and Focuses on Return to Core Competencies.” Much of the language used in the note to press is vague. Crytek talks about refocusing on its “core strengths”, says it will concentrate development on its Frankfurt and Kiev studios, and will “continue to develop and work on premium IPs”.

Watch: What’s next for Overwatch?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Overwatch’s animated shorts, but had tomorrow’s Bastion-led cinematic been the only thing we saw revealed at this year’s Gamescom, I’d have felt a little shortchanged. Also, I had an interview booked in for today and there’s only so much you can ask about Bastion’s backstory: he’s a friendly robot with a bird on his head. That’s his whole thing.

It’s set in Germany, it’s got a castle and it’s absolutely beautiful. I can work with that.

So please do join me below as I interview Principal Designer, Scott Mercer. Obviously we talk about the new map and its design process, but there’s also plenty to talk about regarding the future of competitive play, seasonal events and the game’s next hero. It’s a good one, I think!

Watch: When friendly NPCs are the absolute worst

Greetings Eurogamers. We’re on the eve of Gamescom, the videogame uberconvention in Germany at which new games are announced, upcoming games are teased and the entire games industry becomes 80 percent currywurst by volume.

Talking of things that are disruptive to our digestive health, nothing twists our guts quite like the frustration of dealing with supposedly friendly NPCs who actively hamper our heroism. Standing in our way, hoovering up our loot and being a sloppy drunk are just some of the charges on this companion character rap sheet.

Just Cause 3, by contrast, is very much about taking matters into your own hands. And by matters, we mean a lightning gun that can call down great beams of electricity from the sky. That’s the new toy dished out once you complete the third and final piece of Just Cause 3 DLC, called Bavarium Sea Heist.