What’s gone wrong with Mighty No. 9?

On the face of it, Mighty No. 9 shouldn’t be causing PlayStation 4 or Xbox One any problems. After all, it’s a simplistic Unreal Engine 3-based side-scroller, and despite its humble origins as a Kickstarter-funded project, this should be a fairly easy win for Keiji Inafune and his team at Comcept. As a spiritual successor to Mega Man, we expected rock-solid 60fps platforming, a firm-but-fair level of challenge and something close to the visual style shown in its . What we’ve ended up with is something remarkably sub-par.

Visually it’s an unwanted shift from that early concept. The lighting model is changed entirely, and in its place we have an attempt to recreate something akin to the look of a Saturday morning cartoon. The introduction of some colour is welcome, but background detail is too lightweight to impress – made up of copy-pasted 2D foliage, box-cut geometry and low resolution textures. It’s a massive change in style, perhaps catering to all platforms within the team’s remit, including PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U – not to mention 3DS and PS Vita. However, the end result is little that plays to PS4 and Xbox One’s strengths, besides running at native 1080p.

It’s confirmed that the delayed handheld versions run on to the home console versions, rebuilt from scratch by developer Engine Software. However, Comcept has evidently overstretched itself with support for so many formats, and in the process, PS4 and Xbox One alone show a myriad of issues. We’ve put together a short list of the main points of concern for us right now – with the hopes something can be done via an upcoming patch.