Denuvo responds to lightning quick Resident Evil 7 PC crack

Austrian company Denuvo has enjoyed unprecedented success against PC game piracy with games going uncracked for months – a feat seemingly impossible a few years ago. altogether.

, which shields a game’s DRM and stops it being tampered with.

But there’s been an upset: Resident Evil 7 has been cracked on PC and within only a week of launch. Are chinks in Denuvo’s impervious armour beginning to show?

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

Whether it’s embracing VR wholeheartedly or challenging the established console generation cycle, you’ve got to hand it to Sony – this company knows how to take risks. They don’t get much bigger than PlayStation 4 Pro, a release that doesn’t just ask you to upgrade your console, but your display too. Built primarily for the new wave of ultra HD 4K screens, the Pro offers both CPU and GPU upgrades over the current PS4. At its best, it offers stunning visual improvements over the same games running on base hardware, but even the more modestly boosted titles show clear improvements. Bearing in mind the entirely reasonable price-point, it’s a highly compelling piece of hardware.

However, for those familiar with PlayStation 4, initially it may all seem to be perhaps too familiar. The console itself uses the same design language as the recently released CUH-2000 PS4 Slim, and booting up the console and navigating the menu systems produces an uncannily similar experience. There’s no acknowledgement of any kind of upgrade at all, aside from the addition of 2160p support in the video output menus, along with a new information screen that scans your display and lets you know whether HDR is supported, and what content DRM systems are supported.

Clearly, Sony is making a statement that PS4 and Pro are of the same family, but this does result in some confusion. For example, there is no indication of whether the game you are about to load has specific PS4 Pro support or not. There’s not even anything like a pop-up explaining that Pro upgrade patches may be available for titles in your library. Personally, I’d be far more likely to revisit games in my collection if a free 4K or high frame-rate update suddenly became available. This is a big missed opportunity that Sony should hopefully resolve.

Oculus discovers platform exclusives won’t wash with the VR community

HTC Vive owners rejoice: at the end of last week, Oculus, manufacturers of the rival VR headset Rift, removed the hardware check that prevents games exclusive to the Oculus platform from being played on anything other than a Rift.

The check was originally introduced to prevent Vive owners from using an app called Revive that allowed them to access the Oculus store and frontend, and play Oculus games, on their HTC headsets. Revive doesn’t enable piracy; you still have to pay for the games. But Oculus has invested a lot in acquiring the most impressive exclusive software library of any of the virtual reality platforms, and it wasn’t happy. “This is hack, and we don’t condone it,” .

In mid-May, the Facebook-owned firm implemented the hardware check in a system update to cut off Revive use – meaning Vive owners who had paid for Oculus games could no longer play them. But now, a month later, Oculus has lifted the restriction. Reports circulated on Friday that the check was gone. “I’ve only just tested this and I’m still in disbelief, but it looks like Oculus removed the headset check from the DRM in Oculus Runtime 1.5,” .