Nintendo announces palm-sized mini NES console

Nintendo will launch brand new hardware this year after all – but not the console you were expecting.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is a miniature replica of the original NES.

It will launch here in the UK on 11th November, and comes with 30 NES games built in, such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid.

Nintendo eShop half-price sale for fifth anniversary

Nintendo’s eShop first opened its digital doors five years ago this week and, to celebrate, the big N will hold a big sale.

The deals begin at 3pm UK time this Friday, 9th June, and runs until 23rd June. Dozens of games will be half price, including 3DS, Wii U and Virtual Console favourites from the Zelda, Mario and Metroid franchises.

Donkey Kong 64 is £4.49, down from £8.99. Earthbound is £3.49, down from £6.99. Metroid Prime Trilogy is £8.99, down from £17.99.

Nintendo Vans shoe range now on sale in the UK

Nintendo socks, shoes, sandals and caps are now available from skater/emo clothing maker Vans.

If you ever idly doodled mushrooms and goombas on your Converse and wished for something more official, well here we are: Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Duck Hunt designed duds.

This “ultimate two-player partnership”, as Nintendo puts it, also extends to non-foot related clothing such as fleeces, hoodies, shirts and backpacks.