Injustice 2 special editions include DLC characters as premier skins

Injustice 2’s special editions include skins that significantly change a number of the playable characters included with the game – so much so that they’re pretty much DLC characters.

Power Girl, Reverse-Flash and John Stewart’s Green Lantern are in NetherRealm’s fighting game, but they come as premier skins that are applied to existing characters.

For example, the Delux Edition of Injustice 2 includes three unannounced DLC characters, and one premier skin. This premier skin turns Supergirl into Power Girl. But it’s more than a skin. It adds an “all new look, voice and dialogue”, according to the official .

Nioh’s third and final free pre-release trial is this weekend

Team Ninja’s highly anticipated samurai folklore action game Nioh is getting a third pre-release trial ahead of its 8th February launch.

Running from 21st through 22nd January, this demo of the near final build will encompass the same content revealed at the PSX event from December.

Completing it will result in bonus goodies for the full game. Finishing the main mission will grant players the Ogress Headgear, while conquering the Twilight Mission will offer the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong goodies that were available from besting the alpha and beta. These latter rewards require players to download them as separate free DLC, while the Ogress Headgear will just stay linked to your save data.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe adds Splatoon characters and Battle Mode courses

Nintendo has officially confirmed Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which will launch on 28th April priced £49.99 in the UK.

There’s no word of an upgrade programme for fans who own the game already on Wii U.

This new Deluxe edition will include MK8’s existing DLC plus a sprinkling of new courses and characters. The series’ classic-style Battle Mode also returns, and eight-player wireless local play is now available.

Shovel Knight is coming to Switch, introduces new pricing scheme

Shovel Knight has been confirmed for a release on Nintendo Switch, though it will be administered via an all new pricing structure.

Going into effect this spring on not only Switch, but PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac/Linux as well, Shovel Knight and its DLC campaigns will be sold as standalone titles.

Here’s how it works: When Shovel Knight launched, developer Yacht Club Games said it would release several spin-off campaigns as free DLC. That’s still true. It’s just that this comprehensive package will be redubbed Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

A glitch has opened up Final Fantasy 15’s cut continent

Final Fantasy 15 famously spent over ten years in development, yet when it came out last November it still felt incomplete. Big edits had clearly been made, leaving the story potted with plot holes and inconsistencies while the open world narrows down to a corridor in the final half of the game, suggesting it was rushed over the finish line before director Hajime Tabata and his team could fulfil their vision.

Now, a player has discovered a glitch that opens up a whole new expansive area to explore – and it’s polished to such a degree that it must have been cut at the 11th hour, or that it’ll form the backdrop for the incoming DLC that will explore the stories of sidekicks Prompto, Ignis and Gladio.

A video on YouTube by Fotm Hero explores the continent of Niflheim in its entirety, which in the final game players only see from the interior of a speeding train. Areas such as Cartanica look finished other than their lack of enemy placement, while further in the snowy area of Eusciello looks like it needs a little more work.

First Battlefield 1 expansion adds playable French army

Ahead of the launch of Battlefield 1, developer DICE was criticised for not including the French as a playable army given, well, the French played a pretty big role in World War 1. Well, they’re set to arrive in the game in March 2017 as DLC.

They Shall Not Pass is the first Battlefield 1 expansion, and it includes, as you’d expect, new maps, weapons and the playable French army faction.

In a post on , DICE said the DLC aims to recreate the Battle of Verdun, one of the largest and longest battles of World War 1. Relentless shelling created massive forest fires around the fortified city, which the developers aim to feature in its maps.

Skyrim mod Enderal gets DLC expansion of its own

Enderal, perhaps the best Skyrim total conversion mod around, is getting a DLC expansion pack of its own.

Forgotten Stories is the work of Nicolas Lietzau, lead writer of Enderal, with support from some of SureAI, the group of modders responsible for the mod. It adds parts of the story content cut from the initial release of Enderal, which amounts to 10-20 hours of new quest gameplay, as well as a raft of improvements.

The teaser, below, gives you an idea of the tone.

Doom’s final multiplayer DLC Bloodfall is out now

Doom’s final premium DLC, Bloodfall, is out now on all platforms for £11.99 / €14.99 / $14.99.

The multiplayer add-on lets players turn into a Spectre Pinky by gathering a Demon Rune in the game’s PvP modes. The Spectre Pinky can turn invisible or bull rush into marines to gore them in one hit.

Bloodfall also adds three new maps: Empyrian, Boneyard, and Outbreak. The first two are set in Hell while Outbreak is based on Mars.

Watch: 6 things from Star Wars Battlefront’s Rogue One DLC you’ll see in the movie (and one you won’t)

Greetings Eurogamers! As we inch closer to Christmas, we begin to contemplate the true meaning of the holiday. That is, buying as many excellent gifts as possible so that you win Christmas and can spend the whole day loudly celebrating your own brilliance.

One game that didn’t get the memo about it being the middle of winter is Star Wars Battlefront, which has just added the tropical planet of Scarif as DLC that ties into the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movie Rogue One. We’ve identified six neat things to keep an eye out for in the DLC that will also appear in the movie (and one thing that probably won’t make the cut).

Another game that comprehensively misses the ‘goodwill to all men’ message is ultra-violent multiplayer playground GTA Online. Join us as we reminisce over the times the game, and occasionally we ourselves, wasted us.