Resident Evil 7’s first DLC is more of what you love, but not much more than that

When Capcom announced that it would be releasing its first paid DLC pack a scant week after the game’s launch, it drew equal parts excitement and scepticism from the community. On the plus side: we only have to wait a week for more Resident Evil! On the downside: isn’t that a little soon? Clearly this was prepared ahead of time and should have been included in the game, right? Both perspectives are reasonable and indeed this first batch of DLC, Banned Footage Vol. 1, doesn’t add much. What it does add, though, is a delight.

Banned Footage Vol. 1 is separated into three distinct standalone challenges. The most original of the bunch is “Bedroom”, a puzzle-based escape-the-room game putting players in the role of captured cameraman Clancy, who’s been taken prisoner by Baker matriarch Marguerite. Shackled to a bed and threatened to a grotesque soup, the player must use their wits about them to claim that distinctly Resident Evil honour of becoming a Master of Unlocking.

To even hint at any of the puzzle solutions would be a spoiler, so I’ll keep quiet on that, suffice to say that an unmindful would-be escapee may find themselves on the receiving end of Marguerite’s horrific diet. Indeed there are ways to die in Bedroom, and some time-sensitive mental challenges do a fantastic job of inflicting a sense of panic while your hostess with the moldstess periodically checks up on you.

Mafia 3’s three story DLCs get a release schedule

Remember Mafia 3? It feels like it launched a long time ago, but now its story DLC schedule is about to kick into gear.

Three expansions are due over the next five months, and publisher 2K has now given a rough idea when to expect them.

Faster Baby! launches at the end of March and sees main character Lincoln taking down a corrupt sheriff who is terrorising civil rights activists. Timely. “Fast cars, dramatic chases and epic stunt driving” are promised.

For Honor’s Season Pass is taking the Rainbow Six: Siege approach to DLC

Ubisoft has revealed its for its upcoming vikings vs knights vs samurai epic For Honor.

Taking a page from the publisher’s last multiplayer success story Rainbow Six: Siege, For Honor will offer a slew of , though Season Pass holders will unlock the bonus goodies earlier and without having to put in the grunt work.

The developer will add six new Heroes to the third-person brawler, with two premiering at the start of each season. Anyone can unlock these new characters by spending the in-game currency known as Steel, but Season Pass holders will get them at the off, and a week before anyone else to boot.

Final Fantasy 15’s DLC episodes dated

Final Fantasy 15’s first two big DLC episodes have been dated, with musclebound hunk Gladiolus leading the charge with his story being told on March 28th ().

Prompto, the photographer of the group, is getting his episode sometime in June while we’re yet to receive details on when Ignis – the best boy, thank you very much – will be receiving the same treatment. Each character will present a slightly different playstyle to that employed by Final Fantasy 15 lead Noctis, and as you might expect given his stature and physique Gladiolus will bring a more physical edge.

Before then, a Booster pack is coming on February 21st that introduces a Magitek Exosuit that makes players invincible for 30 minutes.

Shadows of the Damned and Alice: Madness Returns are now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Grasshopper Manufacture’s trippy third-person shooter Shadows of the Damned is now available on Xbox One via .

It’s not the only game to receive such a treatment this week as Alice: Madness Returns just arrived on the service. This sequel to American McGee’s Alice includes the original game as free DLC, so that should work on Microsoft’s latest console too.

Elsewhere, Rocket Knight, the 2010 sequel to the Sega Mega Drive game Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, is now backwards compatible as well.

Are Warhammer’s Skaven misunderstood?

Ah, the Skaven. Sure, they look like enormous rats – and are therefore disgusting – but are they evil?

Fatshark’s fun first-person kill ’em-up game Vermintide tasked players with murdering hundreds of poor Skaven without really thinking about it. But perhaps we should think about it. Perhaps we should think about whether Warhammer’s rat race are simply misunderstood.

You know what we need? Lore! Usefully, Fatshark’s putting out a free DLC for Vermintide that adds a lore book (the page is live now). Download the DLC and you’ll find unique lore book pages strewn around Vermintide’s various missions and DLCs. Pick them up and you’ll slowly unlock the story behind the various locations and enemies in the game. That’s right: the Skaven get the chance to have their say.

Resident Evil 7 DLC begins rolling out next week on PS4

Resident Evil 7 launches today, but you won’t have to wait long for even more survival horror.

The game’s Banned Footage Vol. 1 pack launches next week on 31st January for PlayStation 4 and costs $9.99 (UK price TBA).

After that it’s another short wait until 14th February – Valentine’s Day – when Banned Footage Vol. 2 arrives. This costs more – $14.99 (again, UK price TBA).

Dark Souls 3’s final DLC, The Ringed City, is coming in March

Dark Souls 3’s second and final DLC expansion is called The Ringed City and it’s due 28th March on all platforms.

This add-on tasks players with following Slave Knight Gael to the edge of the world, searching for the Soul of Humanity. Players may remember Slave Knight Gael from Dark Souls 3’s first DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, where he offered players entry into the Painted World of Ariandel then showed up again outside of the add-on’s final boss.

You can catch a glimpse at The Ringed City in the trailer below. Spoiler alert: there be bosses!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s second expansion, A Criminal Past, is due next month

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s second story DLC, A Criminal Past, is due 23rd February on all platforms, publisher Square Enix has announced.

Set prior to the events of Mankind Divided, A Criminal Past follows Jensen’s first mission for TF29. The expansion transpires in an all-aug high-security prison, where ungrateful cyborg Adam Jensen has to pose as an inmate to track down an undercover agent.

A Criminal Past is included in Mankind Divided’s Season Pass and will be the game’s first add-on in five months since System Rift launched in September.