Resident Evil 7’s first DLC is more of what you love, but not much more than that

When Capcom announced that it would be releasing its first paid DLC pack a scant week after the game’s launch, it drew equal parts excitement and scepticism from the community. On the plus side: we only have to wait a week for more Resident Evil! On the downside: isn’t that a little soon? Clearly this was prepared ahead of time and should have been included in the game, right? Both perspectives are reasonable and indeed this first batch of DLC, Banned Footage Vol. 1, doesn’t add much. What it does add, though, is a delight.

Banned Footage Vol. 1 is separated into three distinct standalone challenges. The most original of the bunch is “Bedroom”, a puzzle-based escape-the-room game putting players in the role of captured cameraman Clancy, who’s been taken prisoner by Baker matriarch Marguerite. Shackled to a bed and threatened to a grotesque soup, the player must use their wits about them to claim that distinctly Resident Evil honour of becoming a Master of Unlocking.

To even hint at any of the puzzle solutions would be a spoiler, so I’ll keep quiet on that, suffice to say that an unmindful would-be escapee may find themselves on the receiving end of Marguerite’s horrific diet. Indeed there are ways to die in Bedroom, and some time-sensitive mental challenges do a fantastic job of inflicting a sense of panic while your hostess with the moldstess periodically checks up on you.

Resident Evil 7 DLC begins rolling out next week on PS4

Resident Evil 7 launches today, but you won’t have to wait long for even more survival horror.

The game’s Banned Footage Vol. 1 pack launches next week on 31st January for PlayStation 4 and costs $9.99 (UK price TBA).

After that it’s another short wait until 14th February – Valentine’s Day – when Banned Footage Vol. 2 arrives. This costs more – $14.99 (again, UK price TBA).