Some guy visited a typewriter museum and some other guys made a game about keyboards

Hello! Eurogamer’s typewriter correspondent here. I’m just about over Hanks’
now, so I have two new items to discuss.

The first is , sent to me by Nathan Ditum in the dead of night. He is mysterious like that. The thread’s lovely and you should read it. Short version: man visits typewriter museum in Spain and loses it. You will lose it too! Typewriters for printing music! Typewriters with wooden space bars! Typewriters that type the Moon System of Embossed Reading! (Bit of a Brighton connection to that one.) I hope Hanx gets to visit.

At the same time, here’s , a lovely indie that urges you to put aside your controllers, your mice, your VR headsets – like you bought one anyway, right? – and return to the good old QWERTY. So rich! So filled with untapped potential for tapping away.