Face-Off: BioShock: The Collection

On paper, the package looks compelling. The original BioShock, its underrated sequel and all the DLC are treated to a full remaster for their current-gen console debuts, plus there’s a full port of BioShock Infinite, offering the complete PC package for PS4 and Xbox One owners. On top of that, 2K Games has aimed high in terms of performance and image quality, with 1080p resolution and 60fps action targeted for all three titles.

Now in theory, this shouldn’t cause any issues for the first two games in the series, at least. After all, despite their striking visuals, BioShock and its sequel are actually based on a modified form of Unreal Engine 2.5, a relatively ancient game engine originally deployed in the PS2 and original Xbox era. On top of that, BioShock Infinite – despite its various streaming glitches – proved to be a mostly solid piece of PC code, the ideal basis from which to port to PS4 and Xbox One, so hopes were high going in here.

Additionally, there’s good news for PC owners of the original games too – they get immediate access to all of the remastering work with no further cash outlay required. This is a generous move on the part of 2K, bearing in mind that conversion-smith Blind Squirrel Games has clearly poured a lot of time and effort into bringing BioShock and its sequel into the modern gaming era – there’s revamped lighting, new models, and higher resolution textures grafted into the first two games. Additionally, all three titles benefit from the inclusion of a director’s commentary, unlocked by discovering new items added to each version of the game.