Eurogamer’s game of the year 2016

You might not have known it from all the drama going on elsewhere, but 2016 was a mighty fine year for video games. Going through the top 10s submitted by Eurogamer contributors that led to our final verdict for game of the year – democracy is still live and kicking here on this website – it was amazing to see the diversity of choices made. Truly there was something for everyone in 2016, and it goes to show how broad this church that is video games has become.

And so the voting was extremely close, with more than a few pleasant surprises. Titanfall 2 only just missed out on the top spot – and please, please, please go and buy this game if you haven’t done so already – while The Last Guardian also troubled the top five, no mean feat given its ten years of tortured development and its release spot late on in the year. Doom also came close to winning the prize, something none of us could have suspected in the run-up to release for id Software’s brilliantly bold reboot of the father of all modern first-person shooters.

If you know Eurogamer, though – and if you’ve ever been into its office on any lunchbreak in recent months, or been witness to the endless conversations on the matter in our IM channels – there was only ever really going to be one winner. Blizzard’s Overwatch has captured the imagination like few other games in recent years, delivering a bright, brilliant and exceptionally designed team shooter that instantly became best in class. Its success means there will be countless imitators in years to come – and 2016 already boasted a couple of lookalikes in its wake – but it’s hard to see anyone toppling Overwatch for years to come. This is simply the foundation for an obsession that’s likely to run and run and run.