DF Retro: Ico on PS2 revisited

Welcome to the world of Digital Foundry Retro. Every weekend, DF Retro brings us a new story based on a significant release in gaming history, backed by exemplary, clean capture taken using original console hardware. It’s a great way to revisit the classics while reflecting on what made each game so special in its day. Check back often for brand new episodes as we update this article with the latest videos.

This week, with the arrival of The Last Guardian, directed by Fumito Ueda, we journey back to 2001 to revisit the classic Ico for PlayStation 2 – the first Ueda classic. John Linneman is your guide as Digital Foundry assesses Ico’s beautiful technology, charting its journey from the original PlayStation across to PS2, as well as covering Bluepoint’s excellent last-gen remaster.

As usual, there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and rare curios – if you want to see Ico running on original PS2 hardware at 60 frames per second (double its usual output), along with a host of debug options, John’s got you covered. This instalment of DF Retro is our penultimate episode this year – we’ll be rounding off 2016’s offerings next week by completing the Ueda Collection with an in-depth analysis of Shadow of the Colossus.