Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass is coming to Switch

Sumo Digital, the veteran developer behind the console ports of OutRun 2 as well as the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed series, is bringing its first independent game to Nintendo’s Switch.

Snake Pass is a puzzle platformer with a unique approach to movement that sees you slithering your way through levels, and it’s the result of Sumo Digital’s first internal game jam. Its creator, Seb Liese, was working on Crackdown 3, which is being developed with the help of Sumo Digital, and had previously worked on the studio’s LittleBigPlanet 3.

Snake Pass is due out on Xbox One, PC and PS4 early this year, and the Switch version will be launching alongside them. Work on the Switch version has only been underway for a month, but progress is coming along nicely.

Failbetter’s Sunless Skies Kickstarter takes flight

Failbetter Games has launched the for Sunless Skies, its latest, star-faring addition to the steampunk fantasy universe of Fallen London. There’s a new trailer, too.

The developer is asking for £100,000 by 3rd March, out of an estimated total development cost of £330,000. £59,954 has been pledged by 1090 backers at the time of writing. Looks like it’s a goer, then.

Running on a mixture of Unity and Failbetter’s own StoryNexus narrative platform, the game is broadly comparable to Sunless Sea, the studio’s hit naval exploration game. Set 10 years later, it casts you as the captain of a star-faring locomotive, battling alien leviathans, privateers and other, more esoteric hazards as you travel through a decidedly windy vision of interplanetary space, in which sentient stars are mysteriously dying.

Resident Evil 7 proves that PSVR can be more than just a novelty

It was my birthday last week and, thanks to some tactical holiday allocation in 2016, I managed to roll five days over into 2017 which I used to give myself a whole week off work to celebrate.

While most people would have spent that time on a nice relaxing holiday somewhere warm, I strapped on a PSVR headset and threw myself into the gore-soaked murder maze that is Resident Evil 7.

I’ve had this sinking feeling about PSVR for a while now. Was it really worth all that money I spent? Will we ever get to play something that’s not a 20-minute ‘experience’ or a cockpit game? I wasn’t so sure, but during the it took me to finish the game, my hopes that PSVR could be more than just a novelty were well and truly lifted.

Nintendo Portugal’s new Switch commercial accidentally reveals developer-only menu

Oops. A new Portuguese Nintendo Switch advert has accidentally revealed a set of hidden developer settings.

The commercial has now been pulled from Nintendo of Portugal’s YouTube channel, but not before fans spotted the secret Switch menus only meant for developers, which were visible several times.

It’s likely the advert was an unfinished version and Nintendo Portugal had not properly pasted gameplay footage over the developer menu shots. (We know that the console’s gameplay was added via post-production in last year’s reveal trailer, and this is a common technique when showing anything running on a screen in general).

Layoffs at Crytek

Embattled game company Crytek has suffered a round of layoffs.

Eurogamer was alerted to the news this morning by a source close to the company, and a representative confirmed the detail in a statement.

15 people are set to lose their jobs, Crytek said, from the main office in Frankfurt, Germany. The staff were a part of Crytek’s in-house publishing and marketing team.

At least we have art for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Every time I hear Square Enix talk about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake – announced to gasps and sweaty excitement during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference – the game seems further away.

This week, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the role-playing game series, Square Enix released a single, solitary piece of key art for the remake. The image, below, shows Cloud holding his Buster Sword set to the background of Midgar, base of the Shinra Electric Power Company. And who’s that in the background? Yep, it’s a giant, towering Sephiroth, complete with angel wings.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake was announced a year-and-a-half ago, but it sounds like it’s still in the early stages of production. Famitsu magazine recently interviewed producer Yoshinori Kitase about the timed PlayStation 4 exclusive, and, according to translation work by , gave a progress update.

DICE leaves Star Wars Battlefront behind for multi-era Battlefront 2

That’s it for ongoing Star Wars Battlefront 1 development, it sounds like. “The team has shifted its focus to creating the next great Star Wars game,” EA DICE said.

It means, as , “no future Skirmish content is planned”, which is a shame.

Skirmish makes the game’s big multiplayer maps available offline, to play alone or in split-screen, and fills the remaining 20-person teams with bots. All guns are available and the bots are wimps, which means massive killstreaks for you. My son and I love it.

Mega Man 2.5D is a fan-made game eight years in the making

With Capcom seemingly uninterested in making Mega Man great again, it’s up to fans to show the Japanese company the way forward.

Enter Mega Man 2.5D, a fan-made Mega Man game eight years in the making.

What’s cool about Mega Man 2.5D is that it includes a co-op mode, which sees two players team up to fight Dr. Wily, and the camera perspective can be changed – a mechanic used in the single-player mode.

Denuvo responds to lightning quick Resident Evil 7 PC crack

Austrian company Denuvo has enjoyed unprecedented success against PC game piracy with games going uncracked for months – a feat seemingly impossible a few years ago. altogether.

, which shields a game’s DRM and stops it being tampered with.

But there’s been an upset: Resident Evil 7 has been cracked on PC and within only a week of launch. Are chinks in Denuvo’s impervious armour beginning to show?